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Get ready for a crypto investing experience like no other! Here at 4C Trading we have revamped our existing site and package offerings to provide you with a better experience.

For beginners, crypto trading and investing can be confusing with not a lot of trustworthy sources to turn to. We’ve acknowledged this and decided to bring a new approach to crypto investing. An approach that is user friendly and benefits crypto traders and investors alike.

Whether you’re brand new on the trading scene, want to diversify your portfolio, or start your crypto journey from square one, we are prepared to help you along the way. In the end, we want you to not just benefit from using 4C products, but enjoy using them as well!

Harness the power of our 4C SMART Bots for crypto trading

Prepare to witness the power of our 4C SMART automated crypto trading bots. If you are curious how trading bots work then let us break it down for you.

If you’re a crypto investor you’re probably focused on maintaining a steady portfolio throughout each year. Our automated crypto bots effectively manage risk and only trade when the market is performing well. You’ll be able to rest assured that your crypto portfolio is in good hands.

If you trade crypto then you’ll be impressed by our bots’ ability to make the best trades at lightning-fast speeds. Each bot analyzes advanced trading algorithms from several crypto exchanges. They’ll then snap into action and perform the best trades for you in no time.

Our SMART BTC, ETH, and LINK bots are designed with advanced trading algorithms and make the best decisions for growing your crypto portfolio. Each bot is quick at making the right decisions after analyzing key statistics at a crypto exchange.

How can these SMART Bots help grow my wealth?

Ask yourself, how many nights have I stayed up to check the market by making manual trades? You have probably lost tons of sleep and valuable time for yourself because your eyes were glued to crypto charts.

When purchasing our crypto subscription packs you’ll be provided with an assortment of valuable tools all aimed to assist your trading needs. We currently offer three different packs that fit your portfolio size and includes access to our SMART Bots. Our SMART Bots work together with our SMART margin and 2% risk to manage your risk and offer a substantial return over time.

With all these amazing tools at your disposal, you’ll save more time than you would when trading manually. Now’s your chance to use cutting-edge technology to get ahead in the crypto world.

Which SMART Bots pack should I choose?

We understand that not everyone has the same goals or budget. So we have revised our crypto pack offerings to provide you with better prices for our awesome trading tools.

Choose from our Beginner, Advanced, and Expert packs, each providing you access to our SMART Bots, market analysis documents, trading tips, and exclusive Telegram channels and chat. The SMART Bots only trade on Binance Spot and are designed to read complex trading algorithms to ensure you’ll never miss key opportunities. Each bot will trade the most popular and stable crypto coins which include: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Link (LINK).

All three packs also provide you with access to SMART Margins – the signals that our algorithms and traders provide you with. They consist of a “buy range” as well as a target and stop loss. Our software gives you the option to follow these margins for our available exchange platforms.

Traders can also update the stop loss if necessary for their trades only. SMART Margins provide signals on Binance Futures and FTX. The risk is fixed at 2% while the leverage needs to be placed in the settings within the exchange directly.

Each subscription pack has been designed to suit your trading capital size, with the Expert Pack that allows you to trade up to a maximum of $25,000 across 3 SMARTS Bots – BTC, ETH, and LINK. Diversification is an important factor for all investments. As such, you shouldn’t put all your capital into one bot in this highly volatile crypto market. If one bot is not performing well, the other bots could be doing extremely well! When you spread out your trading capital across the three SMART Bots, you are spreading out your risk factor.

For those who wish to trade more than $25,000, we invite you to Book A Call with us.

Note: it is important to create one account per SMART Bot.

Welcome to the new 4C Trading - 4C Trading

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