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Receive high performing trading signals on Bitmex and Binance via your phone and enable full automation! Designed by our team of professional cryptocurrency traders with years of experience in the cryptocurrency trading market.

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How It Works

Our traders watch the market for you 24/7 and will send you the best trading opportunities with a professional risk management system. Always know where to buy, sell and set your stop loss!

You will

  • Receive live trading alerts via instant phone notification!
  • Fully automate these trading signals via API copy trading on Bitmex and Binance
  • Discover high accuracy trading signals
  • Access a VIP chatroom with traders
  • Enjoy top level risk management
  • Adjust the signals in our 4C Trading Dashboard

Autotrade our signals on Bitmex and Binance!

Follow the trading signals of 4C Traders on autopilot and never miss an opportunity again- on Bitmex and Binance

  • Follow our traders automatically
  • Fully integrated with the Telegram mobile app
  • Connect via API- Your funds stay in your account!

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Trading Signals - FAQs

You would be using suggestions from one of the most experienced and successful trading teams in the crypto space, with some of them with the trading history back to some earlier Forex times. As we send signals on Binance and Bitmex we can profit in either direction.That is how you will succeed even if your experience is close to none, or you cannot find time to trade.

The frequency of trading signals always depends on the market situation and a strategy that is used to adapt to it. Sometimes there are more signals because the scalping strategy requires so, sometimes there are fewer signals due to the swing strategy. At some time, you will see even a few signals per day; sometimes, there will be only a few signals per week. In general, 4C never trades more that it is required to achieve satisfactory results. However, the average signals count ranges between 20-30 a month.

The signals are created by a professional trading team and have been very accurate over many months which is automatically tracked in our Dashboard. If you need evidence of 4C’s prowess, all results and performance can be thoroughly examined in our 4C Dashboard (open your free account and log in):

Most of our trading team is based in Europe (CET). However, if you decide to use our API trading bots, time zones do not matter anymore as all signals are taken care of by our bots while you can sit back and relax.

Crypto Trading Signal is a trading idea or trade suggestion to buy or sell a particular crypto asset (coin) at a specific price (entry), usually within a particular time. Signals are generated either manually by professional traders, or by trading algorithms and bots that send the trade signals automatically. Typically, the trade signals include a take profit (TP) target and a protective stop loss (SL). You are secured against all scenarios.

Usually, the signals are created and posted by our professional human trading team. However, if you use our SMART BOTS (algorithmic trading solutions), the signals are computed by Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Yes. You can automatically follow (copy trade) our trading signals via API.


No, these high percentages never reflect the actual gain on account only the added returns from single positions. Be careful as only a very few pay attention to liquidity for their members and fake results. Stay away from anyone who promises you any such gains.

Never has 4C Trading been involved in any pump activities in crypto. Mind you: “pump and dump” groups are highly criminal scam activities in which the only winners are those who have created it or are above you in the hierarchy of the orchestrated pump. Eventually, you always lose money in the longer term. Do not be naive – there are no free dinners. Stay away at all costs and report such activities to authorities.

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Legal Disclaimer

The above references are just an opinion meant for information purposes only. They are not intended to be an investment advice.
Please seek a duly licensed professional for the investment advice. 4C-trading won’t be liable for any losses you may incur following our opinion.

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