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The only tool you’ll need to automate your portfolio without worrying about a sudden Bitcoin downtrend! THE SMART USD BOT is a fully automated bot that protects and grows your capital safely and progressively – 125.3% ROI since June 2018. The larger your portfolio, the higher the returns you’ll enjoy with this powerful bot.

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How It Works

The objective of this fully automated algorithmic-backed SMART USD BOT is to secure profits in order to have a stable monthly increase in your portfolio in USDT. It trades on the BTC/USDT pair and has a proven track record of having outperformed the HODL strategy. Join hundreds of satisfied users and experience this powerful tool for yourself!

You will

  • Grow your USD progressively
  • Enjoy stable passive income growth
  • *Enjoy an approx 9% monthly yield
  • Manage market fluctuations with ease
  • Own the dream tool to manage large portfolio.
  • Earn attractive compound interest.
  • *based on the bot’s past performance since June 2018

Smart Bot Results


Number of trades in November

0 %

Profit of the bot in November

(+14.13% over the market)

  • BTC Price: -17.63% in Nov.-
0 %

Accumulation of BTC

In November

0 k

Profit made since inception


This graph compares the evolution of a portfolio worth $1,000 in BTC without transactions and the same portfolio managed by the Smart USD Bot.










Evolution of a portfolio worth $1,000 in June 18, with a Buy & Hold strategy versus a wallet managed by the Smart USD Bot.

Buy & Hold

Smart Bot




NOV 19



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Smart Bot - FAQs

The primary objective of this fully automated algorithmic-backed SMART USD BOT is to secure profits to have stable monthly growth in your portfolio in USD. The bot is designed to operate on your Binance account fully automated and is partially based on Wave trends. With the SMART BOT you don’t need to worry about market trends as the Bot acts accordingly to the market fluctuations (it buys when there is a confirmed surge in price and sell when there is a confirmed slump, securing profits).

The minimum capital recommended to start with the SMART BOT is 3000 USD.  However, the more capital you have, the better results the BOT will provide as it the perfect tool to manage more significant portfolios.

The set-up is extremely simple as you only need an account on Binance and connect to the Bot via API. It is a one time set-up and we will guide you if you have any trouble setting it up.

The full walkthrough is available here:

The Smart BOT has a proven record of over 14 months of running with remarkable returns. All trading history is available in the 4C Dashboard to see and updated automatically. The BOT is widely acclaimed by the community and monetary fund managers

However, the investor must understand that the Bot acts upon a confirmed shift of trend, hence it will open and close its trades always a bit later than the initial surge or slump takes place. That is perfectly normal, and it is written in the algorithm of the BOT. Its formula and algorithms are potent over the long term, which has been proven over the months.

We recommend to use it a minimum of three month, ideally 12 month to reveal its full potential. There can always be a single negative month which will historically be followed by multiple positive  months

As of now, the Smart add-on also includes the Trade Room where you can learn from and trade alongside professional traders. Of course, you also enjoy full support by out staff.

That is the purpose of the SMARt BOT – to enable consistent and steady income even for those with trading expertise close to none and those whose wallets are not the thickest. In short: yes, it is very suitable for newbies!

Example: You are an investor with 20,000K.

You want a secure bot because you don’t want to lose this money and would like some revenue each month, if possible. You know that 100% success rate is not possible but at the end of the year, you want to have a nice increase. So your priority: Having more $ at the end and avoiding risk.

You are investing in the Smart Bot. At the end of the year, you have +/- 40.000$ (results from june to now).

The money in the SMARt BOT is as safe as your Binance account. If you do not secure your Binance account with the utmost diligence, your funds may be in jeopardy. However, the SMART BOT is unable to withdraw your money via API from your Binance account. The SMART BOT is just a software solution that allows to execute on your Binance account, it doesn’t hold your funds, nor can it withdraw it. 

You should sell BTC into the USDT position or wait for another signal from the BOT.

We are not allowed to reveal the BOT’s specification due to a confidentiality clause, but rest assured that those are well tested and continuously updated to reflect the market situation.

Let your capital grow with our Smart Bots!

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Legal Disclaimer

The above references are just an opinion meant for information purposes only. They are not intended to be an investment advice.
Please seek a duly licensed professional for the investment advice. 4C-trading won’t be liable for any losses you may incur following our opinion.

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