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Top 5 Crypto Cards in 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Identifying the best crypto card can be a daunting task, and you’ll need to be extra careful. Owing to the bad experience where so many crypto debit cards turned out to be fake and fraudulent, investors are looking for genuine options that are not only authentic but also convenient, secure and inexpensive.
We are heading towards the end of 2019, and more and more attention is being directed towards cryptocurrency as an alternative investment in the digital world. Innovations will come, but there is a need for utmost caution when approaching innovations dealing with money. In this article, we take a look at five of the best crypto cards of the year 2019 and beyond. The purpose is to help you achieve safe, profitable investment that suits your needs both as an investor and an individual. 
But first,  what is a crypto card?  Simply put, a crypto card is any credit or debit card that supports at least one cryptocurrency. Crypto cards will offer you the flexibility to spend your digital assets without going through the often unhealthy process of cashing out your cryptocoins. The card company will do the exchange (crypto-to-Fiat) allowing you to spend the cryptos in FIAT form safely.
Here are out top 5  crypto cards for 2019.
 #1. Wirex Most crypto cards are only available in selected countries, and that also happens to be the case with Wirex. It is only valid in the European Economic Area (EEA), but it does offer its users an online-only account in several other countries excluding the USA and China. It is one of the few crypto cards in the market that provide rewards for in-store purchases, where it provides users with 0.5 percent via its unique Cryptoback service. The amount you can earn as cashback is unlimited, and the service does not attract additional fees.
Top 5 Crypto Cards in 2019 - 4C TradingJust like a regular debit card, Wirex allows for in-store as well as online transactions provided Visa cards are accepted. For ATM withdrawals, it charges $3 for customers outside the EEA, but it is lower for members of the EEA.
If you’re looking for a card that accords you generous spending, Wirex daily spending limit is set at $10,000, but you can only access $250 daily through ATM withdrawals.
However, Wirex’s one major undoing is the fact that it doesn’t come with as many features as most of its direct competitors, but it makes up for that with a pocket-friendly monthly management fee of only $1.50.
#2. Cryptopay Cryptopay is arguably one of the oldest debit cards in operation today, available in Singapore, the UK, Russia, and a host of other European countries. It is available in either a virtual or a plastic prepaid card just like many other similar cards from other providers. The virtual card can only be used for online transactions, while the plastic card is applicable for ATM withdrawals and shopping.
Top 5 Crypto Cards in 2019 - 4C Trading
The plastic crypto card costs $15 while the virtual card goes for a meager $2.50, and both sets of cards can be ordered in USD, EUR, or GBP, attracting a monthly maintenance fee of $1.
Usage limits for users depend on the verification status, where unverified customers have limited usage. For example, unverified customers cannot send more than 1,000 Euros online, and can only withdraw 400 Euros from ATMs per day. Verified customers, on the other hand, enjoy unlimited load value, and can send as much money as they wish online, with a daily ATM withdrawal limit of 2,000 Euros.
#3. MCO Visa Probably the newest entry in the market, and a breath of fresh air for constantly-traveling customers. It remains to be seen whether the handsome packages it has come with are only temporary, but before then, customers can enjoy zero monthly fees, market-leading free currency conversion limits, and an incredible 5 percent cash back on purchases.
Top 5 Crypto Cards in 2019 - 4C TradingAs opposed to charging a monthly subscription to qualify for rewards, the MCO Visa only requires you to earn lockup MCO tokens with time so you can benefit from the premium rewards. Lockup amount ranges from between zero and 50,000 tokens. The demanding lockup requirements, however, have made the MCO Visa crypto card to be categorized as a premium offering, since you can only qualify for premium features after 50,000 MCO or $100,000 in lock-ups.
The free Midnight Blue card is considered to be the lowest where users are eligible to access $200 in free ATM withdrawals monthly. Limits then increase to $1,000 for holders of the Obsidian Black card, after which you’ll be charged $2 for any further withdrawals.
#4. BitPay If there is one crypto card that has developed so fast, then it has to be the BitPay. Launched in 2016, it boasts an enormous subscription thanks to its paltry order fee of only $9.95, and zero monthly charges. The BitPay Visa card is valid throughout the United States of America, and plans are underway to make it available outside the US. The most impressive part is that US citizens can comfortably transact with their cards in several other countries.
Top 5 Crypto Cards in 2019 - 4C Trading
As of now, you can load your debit card with cryptocurrency, and that will automatically be converted into US currency where you can shop or transact in any platform that accepts Visa cards. You can also load it using Western Union, or GreenDot at the cost of $4.95 for every load. It attracts no fees for domestic transactions, but you’ll be charged a currency conversion fee of 3 percent outside the US.
#5. SpectroCoin The SpectroCoin prepaid card is available in close to 200 countries across all continents, and the number is only growing. It offers plenty of services to its customers, including exchange platform and online wallet. It comes in two different card offerings; virtual and plastic debit cards. Charges for a virtual card is $9, while you will have to pay $50 for a plastic card, after which both cards attract a monthly maintenance fee of $1.
Top 5 Crypto Cards in 2019 - 4C Trading
SpectroCoin cards are loaded using cryptocurrencies, which are then automatically converted to fiat currencies whenever you’re making an in-store or online payment. If your money is saved in your SpectroCoin online wallet, the process of currency conversion must be set up first.
Regarding account limits, SpectroCoin has two sets of cards; standard and VIP. Deposits for standard accounts are limited at $250 daily and $2,500 maximum balance. On the other hand, VIP accounts have a minimum balance and deposit limits of $5,000.
The stand-out feature of the SpectoCoin debit card is that you can make daily ATM withdrawals of up to $1,500, far more than what your ordinary bank cards offer.
In a nutshell
Cryptocurrency is here to stay, despite the liquidity issues it is continuously associated with. It took innovation from different companies to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto markets to come up with solutions through crypto debit cards. To ensure that your finances are safe, and you’re making the right financial decisions, it is only prudent that you conduct your research to establish a debit card that resonates with your ideas. The highlighted list of five top crypto cards of 2019 should make it easy for you.

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