3 NFT gaming coins to look out for

Top 3 crypto gaming coins on our radar

As you know, beating the market by stock picking is often difficult in the traditional market. It is indeed complicated but not at all impossible.

Today we are going to focus on 3 crypto projects that link two hot topics at the moment which are NFTs and Gaming.

Disclaimer: Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before making any investment based on your personal circumstances.

What is crypto gaming?

There are several kinds of tokens that can be stamped as “gaming”. The tokens used by online casino platforms for example but that’s not what we’re going to focus on today.

The tokens that, in my opinion, represent the best gaming opportunity are rather those that allow, or at least will allow in the future, the exchange of virtual goods such as a sword in a game like World of Warcraft or a weapon in a game like Call of Duty or Counter Strike.

You will have understood that for this kind of transactions, it is to NFTs technology, which guarantees the property, that these tokens appeal.

What to consider before investing?

As with any investment based on fundamentals rather than technical analysis, information research will be a major factor. If we want to invest in a share of a car manufacturer, we will do research on the car market, on the added value of one manufacturer compared to another, etc.

It’s exactly the same for the choice of one or several crypto, whether they are related to the gaming world or not.

Do we have to be gamers to invest in this type of crypto?

Not necessarily! If you are familiar with gaming, it is a plus because it will guide your research on the market but it is by no means an obligation.

For the moment these tokens are still in their infancy and are not used in mainstream games, with one exception that we will detail below.

The gaming market is a fast growing market, with gamers around the world spending nearly $160 billion in 2020.

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3 Gaming Coin Picks

For our selection today we will focus on the NFTs and virtual object exchange aspect. This is, I think, the best opportunity in crypto gaming for the future.

In this category, we will focus on the leader of the sector which is none other than Enjin Coin or ENJ. With an aim to be the leading player in the gaming and NFT space, they are building an ecosystem that will give businesses, developers and gamers everything they require to create, integrate, trade, distribute and utilize NFTs. Their latest endeavour is the signing of a partnership with Microsoft for the introduction of NFT in the Minecraft game which is of course, great news!

The second one is doing pretty much the same thing and is none other than Decentraland or MANA. This one focuses for the moment on selling virtual land in a game that looks like Second Life but in the long run will allow the exchange of NFT just like ENJ.

For our third pick, we focus on an important part of gaming without being directly in game, the streaming. Twitch is the undisputed leader in this branch but THETA, with its SilverTV platform could gain in popularity.

These 3 cryptos are of course available on the Binance exchange and several other exchanges such as Coinbase and Crypto.com


If you are wondering whether there is still room for growth in the NFT and gaming space, you can be assured that the game has just started! However, always do your own research and never let the hype override your risk to rewards profile. It is for this very reason that we have developed the 4C SMART Bots to help you trade rationally, based on advanced algorithms so that you won’t have to make costly mistakes in the crypto market. 

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