4C Tradings Smart USD Bot – A Must-Have For The Modern Day Crypto Trader

Crypto markets are a quicksand. And you have to keep worrying about losing trades and protecting your deposit. Where it takes either vast amounts of experience, or just luck to earn a decent income. 

But what if I told you that there was a crypto trading bot that makes it possible to earn a decent monthly income? That it is fully automated, and no trading experience is needed?  And that it achieves this without subjecting your investment to unnecessary risks? 

Well, I am talking about the revolutionary Smart USD trading bot by 4C-Trading. 

So, how does Smart USD Bot work?

It’s simple, it trades BTC/USDT pair. It is designed to secure your investments and will – by default – store your deposit in the form of the stable USDT coins. During a market dump – when everybody is selling – the bot analyses the market and in case of an expected market correction of the bitcoin value upwards – it buys as much BTC as possible. It will store these BTC until the coin hits next high and sell only if the market analysis indicates an impending downturn.

Note that the trading bot appeals most to medium to long term investors. This and the need for deposit protection explains its relatively low trading volumes of about 0.6 trades per day.

The Organic Algo (OA) bot is availed to 4C-Trading clients that are subscribed to the different premium trading plans. And to help you understand why it has become a must-have for the crypto trading community – and possibly for you too, let us look at its key features and strengths. 

Key features: what makes it unique?

  • Organic Algo:

Smart USD trading bot is developed by some of the most experienced minds in the crypto trading industry using an organic algo. This means that it is able to read and interpret different market conditions and act accordingly. Buying during a dump, selling in the event of a pump and holding in face of uncertainty.

  • Automated trades:

The crypto trading bot is fully automated. You don’t need to spend hours analyzing the markets or watching out for trading signals. The crypto bot will independently monitor and enter or close trade positions when necessary.

  • Has a deposit protection feature:

Smart USD is a one-of-a-kind crypto bot. It is one of the few currently available in the market that has its main aim set at securing your deposits. How, you might ask? By taking advantage of the stable coin USD Tether. During market uncertainties and huge volatilities, Smart USD converts as much BTC in your portfolio as possible, ensuring that you don’t incur losses when they lose value.

Key strengths: Why you too should subscribe to the trading bot?

  • Outperforms the HODL strategy:

One of the primary reasons why you will want to subscribe to the Smart USD crypto trading bot is because it has outperformed the all-popular and relatively effective HODL bitcoin trading strategy. In HODL, you hold on to the bitcoin with the belief that it will “go to the moon” sooner or later. Smart USD bot, on the other hand, lets you take advantage of all the Bitcoin price volatilities in between without exposing your investment to unnecessary risk.

  • Works with reputable and high volume exchanges- Binance:

Additionally, Smart USD trades on one of the most reputable bitcoin trading platform, Binance. This is advantageous because it ensures that the trading bot has a ready market for both its BTC and USDT stash. This makes it possible to buy and sell instantly in reaction to the prevailing market conditions.

  • Telegram-integrated for ease of use:

It also is one of the easiest to use and not just because it is highly automated. But also because the 4C-Trading team has also come up with a straightforward telegram-based activation and management process. Not to mention that they also have a dedicated telegram channel for the Smart USD customer support.

Bottom line

The smart trading bot appeals to you if you are tired of losing, are looking for a reliable medium to long term passive investment opportunity, or just want to trade on a platform that has its sight set on protecting your deposits.

And if these features and strengths including its ability to beat the HODL strategy don’t convince you, consider testing out. Subscribe to one of the 4C-Trading premium plans that gives you access to both their highly effective trading signals and the Smart USD bot.


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