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Pricing FAQ

The free plan allows you full access of the SMART BOTS and customer support. You cannot enter the community chat as that is exclusively for paying members.
We recommend 12 months subscriptions- the longer the subscription the bigger the likelihood to get profits. Historically the SMART BOTS perform positive in 10 out of 12 month. The minimum we recommend are therefore 6 months plans, the minimum we allow are 3 months plans.
The trial is designed to experience how the bot works, how to connect to it and the general functionality of the systems. Please understand that the SMART BOTS are crypto trading bots that must be judged on longer term periods. Weekly performances are not a valid indicator. Historical results are published monthly.
That depends totally on your intended trade size. Here is a summary: Trading Capital: $2,500 to $5,000 —> Beginner Plan Trade Capital: $5000 to $10000 —> Advanced Plan
 Trade Capital: $10000 to $20000 —> Expert Plan
No, we offer 7 days trials instead! You are completely free to unsubscribe after the trial
If you are still not sure how to proceed then all you need to do is sign up for your 7 DAY FREE Trial, where you can experience the full trading system with any management fees! Your crypto wallet will be traded with the automated crypto bots for 7 days FREE of ANY FEES. Without a free trading bot and the most exclusive technical data on the cryptocurrency market, your digital portfolio will be protected against fluctuations and volatility. These reports come straight device so that you can apply it to your trading bots. So why don`t you try out trading system and enjoy the benefits of all the latest and most advanced automated crypto trading bots for yourself?

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