Days Analysis 17

Market Analysis of December 26, 2019

The marketcap has been moving down (-1.34%) since yesterday. The total capitalization is 190 880 679 238 USD.

Bitcoin totals 131 440 123 663 USD of capitalization for a dominance of 68.9%. Ethereum’s marketcap is 13 760 006 984 USD, followed by Ripple with 8 186 092 893 USD.

Bitcoin Analysis

The BTC closed lower for the third time in a row and is trading around 7205. The BTC rebounded on the $7100 support.

The daily technical situation is rather positive despite signs of bearish curvature of the WaveTrends.

Over a 4-hour time horizon, the technical situation remains rather positive. We can see the beginning of a recovery after the rebound on the $7,100 support.

BTC 17
What to do about it?

The $7,100 support is confirmed and we can expect the BTC to rally, but there is no indication that the $7,800 is back.

Ethereum Analysis

ETH 17

ETH closed lower for the third time in a row as well and is trading around $125.15.

The daily technical situation is uncertain however we have signs of a bullish recovery.

Over a 4 hour time horizon, indicators are positive.

What can we do?

We may have a small rise in ETH but the trend remains bearish.


BTC and ETH have rebounded on support, confirming it and we can expect a small rise in the short term.

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