Is it Profitable to trade crypto?

Is it Profitable to trade crypto?

Since 2017, we’ve all heard our share of success stories, people investing in projects and becoming millionaires. But is this really the case for everyone? What about those who claimed they have lost tons of money in trading? What could possibly cause that?

That’s exactly the question we’re going to answer today: is it possible to make money with trading cryptos?

Disclaimer: Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before making any investment based on your personal circumstances.

In a nutshell? Yes

The question of whether everyone can make money in cryptos is a bit more complex than that though. Indeed, it is relatively easy to buy a crypto and keep it for years but still you have to resist the urge to sell it, plus the endurance to ride through the crunch time as we are witnessing in the crypto market at the moment. As you can see, we are once again referring to the control of emotions, the most complicated aspect of trading.

Buying on highs

The reason why most market participants lose money is simply because of emotions. Indeed, beginners in trading are most often in a hurry to participate in the market when euphoria is palpable and prices are making highs. This is usually when the trend reverses, with the big hands taking advantage of this influx of capital to close out their positions at a huge profit.

The resale on the lows.

After many months or even years for some, the desperation is at its peak and the amount of bad news in the market keeps on coming. This is when many new traders will dump their positions, allowing the big hands to buy at low prices.

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How do you avoid this?

There are several ways to avoid getting caught in the trap and the most classic is training. However, it is important to keep in mind that trading is one of the most difficult skills to learn and that it takes time to learn. If you don’t want to or can’t invest that much time, there are alternatives whereby you can trade crypto and make a profit even if you don’t have the time or experience to do so!

Algorithmic trading

What is algorithmic trading? It is simply a set of pre-programmed software that is designed to help traders and investors execute orders (buy and sell) based on certain rules and variables such as time, price volume etc. Unlike manual trading, algorithmic or algo trading has no emotions and is capable of working round the clock. It is very suitable for those of various experience levels and especially for those who want to take the complexity out of trading.

How does it work you wonder? With the 4C SMART Bots, after you have signed up for the 14 days free trial or a paid subscription, you just need to set up the accounts and connect your API keys and the SMART BTC, ETH, LINK, BNB and SOL automated trading bots will do the trading for you.

It is good to note that the long-term results of algorithmic trading is of utmost importance, not just the latest or short term results. This is because crypto is a long-term play and those with staying power will ultimately win big when combined with a longer time horizon.

How have the 4C SMART Bots been performing since 2019? Below is a graph that shows the ROI based on a projection of $100K trading capital that dates back from January 2019 to December 2021. The data reveal two important factors that contribute to the handsome returns: A long time horizon and the diversification between the bots – don’t put all your trading capital into one bot because the market is volatile and diversification is crucial.

Trading Signals

If you prefer to stay in control of your trading, you can sign up for a trading signals service. A signal is usually a buy recommendation with a profit target and stop-loss. This allows you to trade manually while completing your training.

At 4C-Trading, we have recently launched the Traders Trade Signals – manual crypto signals that are posted on our premium 4C-Trading Telegram channel, Trade Room, to allow the traders and investors to combine automated crypto trading with manual trading. This is yet another way of diversification.

The Traders Trade Signals are accessible on Trade room on Telegram by all who sign up for the 14 days free trial as well as members with a paid subscription.


Like everything in life, it takes a substantial investment to achieve substantial results. You can take a shortcut by using Trading Signals or Algorithmic Trading, but it will never take away that emotional part that you will have to learn to master if you want to succeed in trading. Be it with automated or manual trading, you can indeed make good money provided you can master your emotions (fear and FOMO) and have true staying power. Otherwise, even the best tools in the world will not help you reap results. You are in the driving seat and you get to determine how much money you wish to accumulate!

The role of 4C-Trading is to provide you with a suite of powerful trading tools to help you succeed. So how do you make the most of these trading tools? Well, for one, always diversify! Meaning, the fully automated SMART Bots should be added to your crypto portfolio and it should be viewed as a long-term play, a passive income of sorts. For the immediate and short term play, you can always count on the manual crypto signals, Traders Trade SIgnals, to help you take advantage of the pockets of opportunities and polish your trading skills.

Even if you are only interested in the other means to profit from the crypto market such as staking and NFTs, adding the 4C SMART Bots to your portfolio is a wise move. After all, why would you say “no” to an additional stream of passive income?

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