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Is Craig Wright REALLY Satoshi Nakamoto? (video)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What’s up people. This is Ben welcoming you to 4C Trading TV– where we discuss all matters Bitcoin and current events in the blockchain tech space. 
This week, we look at Craig Steven Wright and his bold but false claim that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto – the bitcoin founder. This is a big fat lie that Wright has pushed since 2015 and he is currently using it to seek Bitcoin Copyrights with the hope of changing its name to Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Version). But we are going to debunk these false claims here and now. Lets go! Here is why craig wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

Reason number #1: He refused to share proof of ownership for bitcoin block 1
If Craig Steven wright, a computer scientist from Australia was really the owner of Bitcoin’s Block 1, there are two easy and effortless ways in which he could prove this. He could effortlessly initiate a bitcoin transaction from block 1. Alternatively, and since he claims to have in his possession the private keys for the Bitcoin Block 1, he could also sign a message using the block 1 private key to verify its signature.
But ever since he started claiming to be Satoshi in 2016, he has always refused to use either of these strategies to prove his pseudonym – Satoshi – and ownership of block 1 bitcoins. Instead of proving his claim publicly, he chose to carry out a private demonstration of the signature verification to a handful of BBC and Economist Journalists who have little to no knowledge or experience on Bitcoin technicalities. During this act, he sent himself the message and, again, verified it himself to prove he is its owner, ridiculous! Right? He has since then refused pleas to use the Block 1 private key to verify and sign any other message.
Reason Number #2: His abstract for the Australian government is copied from Satoshi’s white paper
Craig claims to have started the Bitcoin project in 2001, when he published the ‘Black Net’ abstract, a research paper for the Australian government. The paper has since been called out by several Reddit users as a plagiarized version of the real Satoshi’s October 2008 Bitcoin white paper. This was an update of other versions published in July and August the same year. Now, if Wright’s paper was indeed written in 2001, it would not have the corrections and updates that Satoshi made to the white paper between July and October 2008.
Reason number #3: Always cagey, always evading the real issues and no new proof
Apparently, Craig Steven wright has filed over 114 blockchain patents in the last two years and now he wants the copyright to bitcoin blockchain and its source code. He also wants to change its name from BTC to Bitcoin SV – Satoshi Version. But he hasn’t provided any new proof to show that he is the real satoshi. Any of the information he has used to prove his claim over BTC to date has been tweaks to original content and public keys shared by the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
Wright,has always avoided any debates that would require him to provide additional technical proof of his ownership of Bitcoin. His claims became particularly suspicious when he cancelled the much anticipated block one signature verification process in the last minute claiming he was not “strong enough” to handle the pressure such a revelation would have on his life.
Reason number #4: Could have just logged in o his admin account with
Don’t you find it suspicious that the bitcoin founder chooses to extend his claims over bitcoin ownership on personal blog than through the bitcoin blockchain website – Wouldn’t it have been easier for him to just log into the site as Satoshi Nakamoto and make his claim from there? Since he started making his claims to be Satoshi. He has never published a post on this site to back his claims. This makes us believe Craig Wright is either a fraud or he forgot his username, password, his email with the site and its password and any other backup access to the site – which is highly unlikely.
Reason number 5: This is not the first time
Craig Wright started taking advantage of the bitcoin founder’s vacuum in early 2015 when he first claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. His claim and weak proof was however quickly debunked by Gregory Maxwell who called him out for using public keys that had been tampered with. He would later recreate his Satoshi narrative including alleged email correspondences he shared with his “Bitcoin Development” team from back in 2010 and 2011. He would present these to Gizmodo and Wired Magazine in December 2015.
In conclusion, it is clearly evident that Craig Steven Wright isn’t the real Satoshi Nakamoto. But why claim the name and copyrights? Your guess is as good as mine. Control over future bitcoin projects. Throughout this claim, he has also been actively popularizing several other cryptocurrencies alongside the Bitcoin Satoshi Version.

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