How to use Telegram in crypto?

News, rumors, FUD, FOMO, charts, bots, and project updates, discussions, convos…Crypto Telegram is where it’s at. The epicenter and gathering point for the crypto community resides in the encrypted messenger application. Using Telegram is simple, but optimizing your experience to get the most out of the platform calls for a few do’s and don’ts. Here are some pointers for beginners.

Secure Your Account

If you haven’t done that yet, go to “Privacy and Security” in Telegram’s Settings menu. Your phone number should be set as visible only to “My Contacts” or better still “Nobody.” If it’s set to “Everybody” you’re increasing your chances of being SIM swapped (very important!). While you’re in the Settings menu, there’s a few more options you should run through, the most important being “Two-Step Verification.”
Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t offer 2FA, but it does allow you to set up an account password that will prevent anyone from getting into your account, even if they’re able to swap your SIM. Getting a stolen Telegram account returned to its rightful owner is harder than it is with other apps, so it pays to lock it down. Finally, set “Groups” so that only your contacts can add you to Telegram groups. Set it to “Everybody” and you’re prone to be added to spammy crypto groups by randoms.

Do it in the right way

Like the other Crypto Twitter, crypto Telegram encapsulates the best and worst elements of the industry. From the lowest scammers to the highest grade projects, it’s all here if you know where to look. Much like the crypto markets, however, failure to master crypto Telegram comes at a high cost. Here’s how to enhance your learning, and extract the most value from the industry’s favorite messenger platform.

Keep It Confidential

If you need to discuss sensitive information with a Telegram contact, select “New Secret Chat.” All messages are stored solely on the sender and recipient’s device – not in the cloud. That’s why if you start a secret chat on your smartphone, you can’t view the conversation when you access Telegram Web on your desktop. For added security, secret chats don’t allow message forwarding and have a self-destruct timer, after which the conversation will be deleted. The Signal app is regarded as the most private encrypted messaging app, but for most confidential conversations, Telegram secret chat is fine.

Beware of scammers

Impostors touting “ETH giveaways” and other low-level scams are more commonly found on Twitter, but Telegram is not immune. Be cautious of anyone who directs messages to you on Telegram claiming to be the admin of a group you’re in, offering you discounted tokens OTC and similar deals. Similarly, don’t assume that a particular Telegram handle corresponds with the same personality on Twitter. You’re probably not going to be messaged by Satoshi Nakamoto or Nick Szabo on Telegram, so be highly skeptical of anyone purporting to be a known crypto influencer unless their username can be verified, such as by cross-referencing it with their Twitter bio.

Pin interesting groups, mute the noise,

You can pin up to three groups to the top of your Telegram app for convenience. Just hold down the group name for a second and then push the pin icon that appears at the top of the page. Popular Telegram channels are alive with chatter, memes, and gossip – a little too alive at times. For fast-moving channels that provide more noise than signal, swipe left on them from the home screen and they’ll be archived. You can still access them whenever you want to dive back in by clicking the “Archived Chats” button at the top of the page.

Use folders

Also, Telegram has finally adapted its application and now makes it possible to classify (on mobile phones at first) your conversations, chats, and channels in specific folders.
Don’t wait any longer to put all your 4C tools in folders, either by creating one for chats and one for channels and bots or by gathering all 4C tools in a single folder.
It couldn’t be simpler: go to your Telegram application on your smartphone. Go to menu >> Settings >> Folder >> Create New Folder. And there you can add the channels, chats or bots of your choice.

Save messages for later

Telegram has a “Saved Messages” private channel where you can forward messages you want to store for future reference. It’s also handy as a general-purpose clipboard for images and text when jumping between devices. If you need to access a mobile wallet address on your desktop, for instance, you can paste it into saved messages and retrieve it from Telegram Web on your laptop. Just remember to periodically clean your saved messages of sensitive data. For cryptocurrency transactions where privacy is paramount, avoid pasting addresses into Saved Messages altogether.

Pick Your Groups Carefully

This final piece of advice is a subjective one since the Telegram groups and channels you join are dependent on your interests. You’ll have your own favorites but if you find you’re not getting much value out of the channels you’re in, archive them or leave altogether. Telegram is your feed, after all, tailored just the way you like it. Like an altcoin you’ve fallen out of love with, don’t be afraid to dump channels that no longer give you that warm glow. Life’s too short for a mediocre chat and bad memes.
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