How to make Money with the 4C-Trading SMART Bots?

How to make Money with the 4C-Trading SMART Bots?

What would you have done if you had bought BTC at $20,000? Sold it? How many times have you wondered if you should sell or buy-in? How many times have your human emotions taken over? And how much capital have you lost due to the wrong decision and decision-making process?

Instead of making the same mistakes over and over, let us talk about how to manage crypto capital in the long-term perspective.

Investing in any asset is a long term game, and it should be viewed as such. No experienced investor gives up after a month and neither do they evaluate their investments after a month. Freaking out after a negative month (it may happen) is the worst thing a novice investor could do. When the market goes down, it is impossible to make a profit in USD value (yet, it is possible in crypto value). All fund managers are aware of it, so should you.

Disclaimer: Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before making any investment based on your personal circumstances.

Can you make money with the 4C-Trading SMART Bots?

At 4C-Trading, we have developed automated crypto trading bots based on the adaptation of its parameters according to the evolution of the market, with a control validated by our trading team. Our automated crypto trading bot actively considers momentum, waves in the market, and volatility and translates this into trading decisions. By spotting a confirmed trend reversal, the Bot immediately buys in or exits a position, successfully growing the portfolio USD value.

Given the high volatility in the crypto market, a trend reversal can happen at any time. Hence, unless you want to spend all your resources on monitoring the crypto market, adding the SMART Bots to your portfolio are one of the most effective tools you can have regardless if you are a trader or investor.

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Here are its principles

  • Primary (activated as default): Secure profits to have a stable monthly increase in your portfolio in USD value, i.e., grow your USD wallet. It trades a crypto/USDT pair back and forth during trend reversals and has a proven track record of having outperformed the HODL strategy during certain periods.
  • Secondary (activates when the market drops): Grow your crypto value during the market drops. When the market declines in value, it is difficult to make gains in USD. Therefore, the bot accumulates crypto value during bearish times, successfully increasing the crypto value whatsoever.

Let’s take an example… You have $10,000 to invest.

You are not skilled with trading nor making a wise investment decision. You have lost a lot of value, acting on emotions, greed, or fear. You want a “turn-key” investment solution, if possible. You know that a 100% success rate is not reasonable, but at the end of the year, you want to have a substantial increase. So your priority: to have more capital in the end, avoid risk, and grow your crypto if possible.

SMART Bots Results July 2021


When you get started in the crypto market, it is important to ask yourself these questions: 

  • “What is your risk tolerance level?”
  • “What are your goals?”
  • “What is the time frame that you allocate to your investment?”
  • “How much can you afford to lose?” – By this, we mean your disposable income that can go towards better use. Not betting your farm.

The experienced investors have patience and a longer time horizon on their side. Instead of over diversifying and owning tons of small bags of assets, they would diversify modestly – fewer bags and a bigger allocation to each asset. 

With the 4C SMART BTC, ETH and LINK Bots, we suggest that you split your trading capital across the three bots as such: 34% / 33% / 33%. This way, you will have a modest diversification so that in the event, if one bot under performs, the other bots may help to cushion the blow. 

Many speculators are saying that we are in the last leg of the bull run and the bear market is around the corner. However, at 4C-Trading, we don’t care if the bear or bull is in charge because we know that our assets are in the good hands of the SMART Bots! 

If you want peace of mind and avoid making emotional and costly mistakes of impulsive buying and selling your crypto, we invite you to start your crypto journey with the SMART Bots with the 7-Day Free Trial! Just choose the subscription pack you want to try with and click the free trial button. It’s as easy as that! 

We’ll see you soon! 

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