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Grow your digital assets with the Smart USD crypto trading bot

Cryptocurrencies have been long known as one of the most volatile assets in the financial industry. In 2018, BTC dropped from $20,000 to $10,000 in just 3 days! That is a 50% downfall. Let that sink in for a while before we move on.
What would you have done if you had bought BTC at $20,000? Sold it? How many times have you wondered if you should sell or buy-in? How many times have your human emotions taking over? Excruciate yourself for making such a wrong decision? And how much capital have you lost due to the wrong decision and decision-making process?
Instead of making the same mistakes over and over, let us talk about how to manage crypto capital in the long-term perspective.
Mind you, investing in any asset is a long term game, and it should be viewed as such. No one gives up after a month, and no one evaluates their investments after a month. Freaking out after a negative month (it may happen) is the worst thing a novice investor could do. When the market goes down, it is impossible to make a profit in USD value (yet, it is possible in crypto value). All fund managers are aware of it, so should you.

Introducing The Smart Bot

At 4C-Trading, we have developed an automated crypto trading bot based on the adaptation of its parameters according to the evolution of the market, with a control validated by our trading team. Our automated crypto trading bot actively considers momentum, waves in the market, and volatility and translates this into trading decisions. By spotting a confirmed trend reversal, the Bot immediately buys in or exists a position, successfully growing the portfolio USD value.

Grow your digital assets with the Smart USD crypto trading bot - 4C Trading
Comparison between the HODL strategy and the Smart Bot

Here are its principles

  • Primary (activated as default): Secure profits to have a stable monthly increase in your portfolio in USD value, i.e., grow your USD wallet. It trades a crypto/USDT pair back and forth during trend reversals and has a proven track record of having outperformed the HODL strategy significantly.
  • Secondary (activates when the market drops): Grow your crypto value during the market drops. When the market declines in value, it is impossible to make gains in USD. Therefore, the bot accumulates crypto value during bearish times, successfully increasing the crypto value whatsoever.

Now that you know the principles let’s take an example.

You have $10,000 to invest.
You are not skilled with trading nor making a wise investment decision. You have lost a lot of value, acting on emotions, greed, or fear. You want a “turn-key” investment solution, if possible. You know that a 100% success rate is not reasonable, but at the end of the year, you want to have a substantial increase. So your priority: to have more capital in the end, avoid risk, and grow your crypto if possible.

Grow your digital assets with the Smart USD crypto trading bot - 4C Trading
November 2019 and overall Smart Bot results.

Based on the last year’s results, Smart Bots would have made you 95.1% (139.2% since inception) pure profit, which would amount to $19,510 in total balance ($9,510 pure profit).
In the meantime, the crypto stack of yours would have also increased (which is imminent in this type of strategy), however, at a slower rate.

Grow your digital assets with the Smart USD crypto trading bot - 4C Trading
This is how your wallet would have evolved with the Smart Bot over the HODL strategy.

Now, how does it correspond with today’s market?

In November 2019, the crypto market took a small hit. Only Bitcoin lost almost 22% of its value. Holding $10,000 in Bitcoin would have resulted in a loss of nearly $2,200. Other cryptocurrencies lost even more. However, if you had chosen to use the Smart Bot, your loss would have been only $676. That is still a loss, you would say. Well, a temporary decline in USD value that resulted in accumulation in Satoshi, because a stunning 18,87% would increase your crypto value! So, your 10 Bitcoins would now amount to 11,887 BTC. That’s a staggering 15% more than the simple HODL strategy.
Grow your digital assets with the Smart USD crypto trading bot - 4C Trading
If that’s worth a shot, we will leave it for your judgment.
The Smart Bot is also an alternative to those who are afraid of leverage trading. Using the Smart Bot is just trading with leverage x1, safe, and sound.

Smart, Smarter, Smart Trading Bot

The objective of the Organic Algo is to swiftly generate gains while keeping an eye on the situation and the evolution of the market.
This strategy is not aimed at the accumulation of BTC during periods of growth, but the constant evolution of the USD value. It offers impressive results in USD value over the long term. By analyzing trends and waves, the Algorithm would look for a profitable entry point and selling points when the distribution conditions are met.

You will:

  • Grow your USD progressively
  • Grow your crypto value
  • Enjoy stable passive income growth
  • Enjoy an approx 8-9% monthly yield (either in USD or crypto)
  • Manage market fluctuations with ease
  • Own the dream tool to manage large portfolio.
  • Earn attractive compound interest.

P.S. 4C-Trading team has been actively developing other variations of the SMart Bot. Smart ETH, Smart EOS, and other ones are on the way for LifeTime investors. Test on real accounts have shown better accuracy and return If you want to become one of them, contact @Damian_4C on Telegram or email to
Thank you for reading.

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