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If you ask yourself “What coin should I buy?” the 4C Confidential Reports are perfect for you. Our premium crypto community is dedicated to empower investors with market insights, trends and secret hidden crypto gems with massive potential. Get pro tips, connect with the movers and shakers of the  cryptocurrency world all in one place to grow your wealth and win big!

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  • Receive the monthly Confidential Report
  • Know where massive opportunities are waiting
  • Receive technical entry point on these coins
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The 4C Trading CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS past performance

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Market Cap when the Confidential Report came out:

Around 2,000,000

Highest Market Cap since then:

0 %
of Potential Return
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Market Cap when the Confidential Report came out:

$168,957,851 USD (Feb. 2019)

Highest Market Cap since then:

0 %
of Potential Return


Market Cap when the Confidential Report came out:

$65.593.040 (Sept. 2019)

Highest Market Cap since then:

0 %
of Potential Return

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Confidential Reports - FAQs

The 4C Trading Confidential Report is an educational, research, and investment service that focuses on cryptocurrencies, especially on less known crypto assets. It is run by investment, trading, and the educational entity that is 4C trading. 4C Confidentiality Reports employ very detailed and thorough Fundamental Analysis, alongside sophisticated market insight and research.

First of all, you will get technical education and insight into the crypto industry. You will develop some powerful high-income skills that can deliver tremendous value to the crypto market today. For example, you will learn how to conduct a proper FA (Fundamental Analysis), you will understand how to evaluate a project’s potential correctly; you will understand how to diversify your investment portfolio. And most of all, you should profit considerably as the coins you will get access to are those that are enormously undervalued, and it is only a matter of time when they become the crypto juggernauts.

Our crypto picks, unless we state otherwise, are always to be considered as long-term investments. Hence, there is no need to check their price every day or get worried by a small slump in value. Our reports and coins that we have covered get constant updates on the Investor Channel. And even if some of the earlier entries may seem outdated, you can always ask 4C about a profitable entry to our recommended coins.

You will get access to our early Confidential Reports that cover most-promising crypto investments, access to our VIP Investors Chat, get notified about massive opportunities in crypto, receive technical entries on the coins, and be updated about developments of the projects you are invested in.

The people behind the 4C Confidential Reports are a team of top professional market researchers, analysts, financial advisors, and crypto enthusiasts. Most of them are early Bitcoin adopters, with a deep understanding of crypto and great insight and network in crypto. If you look for some confidential info and want to be quicker than others, 4C Research Team will not disappoint you.

A vast majority of them have performed well or exceptionally well. We have taken some time to evaluate our last 4 Gem Reports (after we updated the initial research process to an extensive micro and macro analysis). Here are the results since the publication of the report (without naming the coins, of course, as we have to respect our subscribers): 400%, 323%, 19%, and 58%.

When you subscribe to the 4C Confidential Reports, you will be allowed to check that yourself. Integrity and transparency are one of the cornerstones of 4C, which you will find out about once you decide to work with us.

No information provided by 4C is to be considered financial advice. You should always seek advice from a professional financial advisor or do your research.

In crypto, small-cap investments typically have a market cap below $100 mln USD. Those are the coins with excellent profit potential as long as they solve an actual problem and have an excellent token economy.

Token economy refers to the system of incentives based on cryptocurrencies that reinforce and build desirable behaviors in the blockchain ecosystem. The token economy should convincingly address questions like: “Why would anyone want to use this token?”, “What value does it bring to the investor,” “What will drive the value of the token?”, “What is the purpose of the token?” and the like. Mind you, when you research any crypto project, ask yourself those questions and objectively answer those questions to see if you are still convinced to invest. There are many empty or even scammy projects in the crypto, so always do your research!

If you ask yourself, “What coin should I buy?” the 4C GEMS are perfect for you. These are coins that have an outstanding token economy, are run by a dedicated and experienced team, solve a real problem, and are extremely undervalued. Their potential is massive and profits. Are you looking for another Bitcoin or something related to it? The 4C GEMS are you.

“HODL” stands for “Hold on for dear life.” It’s a motto a lot of Bitcoin zealots live by; they hold on to their Bitcoin despite crazily-fluctuating prices to not allow their emotions to take over. “HODL” is also used to criticize those that invest only for short term gains and sell their Bitcoin whenever disturbing news around crypto shows up.

Market capitalization (or market cap in short) is the total market value of a company or other asset’s “outstanding” or publicly-traded shares. It is a simple formula of the “total shares/tokens/coins in circulation x their price.”

No. We provide education, research, analysis, and trading recommendations, but we do not manage any assets.

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Legal Disclaimer

The above references are just an opinion meant for information purposes only. They are not intended to be an investment advice.
Please seek a duly licensed professional for the investment advice. 4C-trading won’t be liable for any losses you may incur following our opinion.

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