Earn Passive Income with 4C-Trading Affiliate Program

Earn Passive Income with 4C-Trading Affiliate Program!

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a crazy ride of a year. With the end of the year being only two months away, here’s a question to ponder over: “What are you doing to prepare for your family and your future?”

Amidst the global uncertainties, you have the power to choose: to be crippled by fear or rise up and earn an extra revenue of income to provide for you and your family. Now, through 4C-Trading’s Affiliate Program, you have an opportunity to secure your future. 

How does the 4C-Trading Affiliate Program work? 

Anyone can sign up and create an account to become a 4C-Trading Affiliate and in return, we reward you through generous tiers of commission when a referral signs up for any of our subscription packs, using your own referral link

You can do this through word-of-mouth promotion, sharing and/or creating content that interests your audience – you have 100% creative direction over your content, while working closely with 4C-Trading to guide you through the process. 

P.S. Always remember to share your referral link with your audience regardless of the ways you choose to spread the word!😉

Be a voice for the future of finance.

While monetary rewards are great and beneficial, there is a bigger picture when you become a 4C-Trading Affiliate. With increasing mass adoption and more institutions accepting this form of payment, it becomes clear by the day that cryptocurrency will play an important role in the future of finance; changing the way we live, work and play moving forward.

In short, when you become a 4C Affiliate, you are part of the whole that’s helping to revolutionize the world. Together, we are stronger! 

How can I be sure that my referrals are benefitting from 4C-Trading products? 

Our mission at 4C-Trading is to empower the masses to gain greater financial freedom through a suite of leading edge crypto trading solutions – the SMART BTC, ETH and LINK SMART Bots for automated crypto trading and SMART Margin Signals for those who desire to trade manually.

We do this with full transparency – our SMART Bots are backed by their past performance results. In the past 6 months, this is what the SMART Bots have accumulated: 

SMART BTC → 31.26%

SMART ETH → 174.06%

SMART LINK → 473.53%

SMART BTC being the most conservative with a drawdown and a fairly low variance in profits. It’s the perfect tool for the investor who wants to increase their capital consistently without too much turbulence.

On the other hand, with SMART ETH and SMART LINK, the goal is also to accumulate USDT but they are riskier, with a greater variance in profits. This can certainly lead to months of negative returns from time-to-time, but their long-term performance is also much higher, with more than 1000% for both of them since 2019. They are well suited for investors who are willing to add a little more risk to their portfolio in exchange for much higher long-term profits.

In short, our automated SMART Bots cater to users with different risk tolerance, depending on their goals and trading capital size. For the savvy traders who wish to combine automated trading with manual, the SMART Margin Signals are  included in all our subscription packs. It has a fixed risk of 2%, giving you the option to adjust your leverage on Binance Futures and FTX, the exchanges that we support for SMART Margin. 

How do I get started with the 4C-Trading Affiliate Program? 

It doesn’t get easier than this! Once you’ve registered and created an account on our affiliate platform, you’ll be given your own dashboard and referral link to keep track of your 4C Affiliate account.

Your affiliate program, your call! Monitor the performance of your affiliate campaigns, payout and the status of your earnings all within one dashboard! There’s no limit to how much you can earn. With our tiered based reward program – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, the more you grow, the more you’ll earn. Learn more about the 4C Affiliate Program here

Earn Passive Income with 4C-Trading Affiliate Program! - 4C Trading

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