About us

Our Philosophy

The crypto world is constantly changing, so technology must evolve with it. At 4C we ensure

that our trading tools utilize top-of-the-line tech to assist our users. After all, the best tools are

those that stay up on the latest tech.

We strive to not only provide the best technical solutions, but also the best customer support.

No matter what crypto question you have our experts are always available to assist you.

The 4C SMART BTC, ETH, & Link Bots

Not sure how to get started with crypto trading? Can’t seem to find the best way to invest in

crypto? Guess what….we have bots to help you with all of that!

Our SMART Bots are programmed to read trading algorithms and invest in crypto that is right

for you. These bots are completely customizable so they fit the needs of anyone. You can use

our bots to trade BTC, ETH, and more.

VIP Customers & Personalized Services

Ready to take crypto investing to the next level? If you want to really grow your nest egg then

ask us about our personalized services! These special perks allow us to create the perfect

crypto investing plan for YOU!

At 4C we value customer loyalty and we have ways to show that! Ask us about our perks for

VIP customers. Read more here