Sharding and Lightning Network, the ultimate solutions to Bitcoin’s scalability

It has been a decade since the first blockchain system, Bitcoin, surfaced. Unfortunately, it is yet to make a breakthrough past the finance sector. Investors and experts believe that blockchain technology has the potential to venture into other industries such as music, manufacturing, and real estate. However, to date, this remains a dream to many.


4C Tradings Smart USD Bot – A Must-Have For The Modern Day Crypto Trader

Crypto markets are a quicksand. And you have to keep worrying about losing trades and protecting your deposit. Where it takes either vast amounts of experience, or just luck to earn a decent income.
But what if I told you that there was a crypto trading bot that makes it possible to earn a decent monthly income? That it is fully automated, and no trading experience is needed? And that it achieves this without subjecting your investment to unnecessary risks?

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Binance KYC Leak: All We Need to Know

On August 7, yet another crypto-related scandal took place, again, affecting the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange; Binance. A series of Telegram groups founded by a single source claimed to possess more than 10,000 personal photos of KYC data owned by Binance. While the claims have since been refuted by Changpeng Zhao, the Binance CEO, the group remains adamant that should Binance fail to offer them 300 Bitcoins, they will go ahead and release all the data in their possession. In the current market, 300 BTC amounts to over $3.5 million cash in dollars, which the company is not willing to negotiate up to this point.

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Top 3 Most Secure Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrency is enjoying a moment in the technological spotlight. Whether you are a newbie in the cryptocurrency world or a seasoned digital currency investor, you will want to know the most secure platforms which you can store your digital assets.
There are numerous organized platforms online where you can exchange bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, if you are more interested in storing your digital currencies and spend them at a later time, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet.