Nexo Cryptocurrency Review

Imagine using your cryptocurrency assets as collateral when securing a loan rather than undergoing the pain of changing them directly into fiat currency? Well, the cryptocurrency industry has undergone a tremendous revolution in the past decade. This evolution has seen hundreds of cryptocurrency assets and technologies invented and innovated to beat the fierce competition. Companies are developing assets that address different inadequacies of blockchain technology.


Top 5 Blockchain Smart Contract Platforms

To most people, a blockchain system is synonymous with cryptocurrency. However, it’s amazing how the application of blockchain technology stretches into various industries and is not only limited to digital currencies. Blockchain’s properties such as distributed ledger, immutability, and data protection make it suitable for a wide range of applications in the financial sector.


Sharding and Lightning Network, the ultimate solutions to Bitcoin’s scalability

It has been a decade since the first blockchain system, Bitcoin, surfaced. Unfortunately, it is yet to make a breakthrough past the finance sector. Investors and experts believe that blockchain technology has the potential to venture into other industries such as music, manufacturing, and real estate. However, to date, this remains a dream to many.