Calculate your trading position size easily!

Our BitMEX position size calculator!

In order to not overexpose yourself and to use leverage properly we have built a BitMEX position size calculator for you to use. You can find it below. 

(Find terms explanations below the BitMEX Calculator)

Bitmex Calculator

Risk management made easy.
Enter your data
Account balance
Account risk/risk percentage
Entry price
Stoploss price
Position cost/margin (XBT)
Distance to stoploss
Loss if stoploss hits

The terms are as following:

  • Account Balance: The balance on account in BTC/XBT
  • Account risk max: The maximum loss you want to endure on your total account (typically 2%^max)
  • Entry price: The price you entered at (or the average)
  • Stoploss price: The price where your stoploss is
  • Leverage: The amount of leverage you’re using
  • Position size: The position size you need to use
  • Distance to SL: In percentages the difference between your entry and stoploss