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Reap the rewards of helping others profit in the crypto market. Become a 4C Trading affiliate and establish an additional revenue stream.

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Two-levels of Earning Power​

By becoming an affiliate for 4C Trading, you’ll be promoting some of the most advanced trading bots on the market today. These bots help automate crypto trading, allowing anyone to make a profit on autopilot.

You’ll receive a sweet cut from each sale you make and not only that, but you’ll also earn additional revenue off each sale a recruited affiliate makes!

This means there’s not only one…but two ways to profit by being a 4C affiliate.

How the 2 levels of earnings work?

First earning level​

2nd earning level​

Let’s break it down…

Cash-out anytime you want conveniently from your affiliate dashboard! Receive your cash through a secure bank transfer.

Ready to promote the future of Crypto Trading?

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