4C Trading provides you with the tools to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio through algorithmic trading bots & signals, mentorship and research reports.


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Join us on the crypto trading adventure! Profit from our community of professional traders, expert mentorship, learning materials and special trading indicators.

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 With our Telegram-integrated automated trading bot, you can relax! Activate the fully automated Smart USD Trading Bot to grow your investment steadily and enjoy a cushion against market volatility.

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Copy Trade our highly accurate cryptocurrency trading signals on Binance and Bitmex. Our proven trading system is designed to make you GAINS!

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Do you wanna know where the “smart” money is moving? Receive our monthly Confidential Reports to find hidden market opportunities for potential life changing gains




The cryptocurrency industry can be challenging. With 4C-Trading, you trust a team with years of experience in the cryptocurrency and banking sector. We know exactly what you need and how to maximise your gains through trading, investing and progressive learning!

  • Professional Team

Trust our team of analysts with economics and banking backgrounds and years of experience in the cryptocurrency trading market.

  • Full Automation

Never miss a trade again- We have fully automated our trading signals and the famous SMART USD Bot manages your position without you needing to do anything- fully secure!

  • Proven Strategies​

Trading and investing can be simple- Trade alongside full-time traders and learn their trading strategies or receive our Confidential Reports to find hidden crypto gems with massive potential.


An all-in-one solution to manage your crypto investments

Follow your wallet and your trades
Thanks to our crypto trading platform, you can easily monitor the evolution of your portfolio, view, and edit all your positions in real time!
Trade on the Dashboard
You can trade optimally with crypto trading bots. Define your options, configure and use the Auto-Trading Bot, customize your Smart USD. Thanks to the Dashboard, it is possible to trade centrally, even on the go from your smartphone!
Determine and follow your strategies
On our crypto trading platform, you can create your trades in custom or quick trades, define your targets, stop loss, trailing stops, and much more!


Connect once and trade with ease forever

Receive Daily alerts via phone
Receive explosive Trading Signals to your phone and always know when to buy & sell exactly- no trading knowledge needed!

Enable full automation
Enable auto-follow option to automatically follow our trading signals and even gain when you are asleep!

Manage your risk!
With our powerful 4C Dashboard you can either follow our professional risk management or adjust the risk to your  needs.

Protect your capital
Never have to worry about a sudden Bitcoin downtrend anymore! Our SMART USD BOT protects and grows your capital safely and progressively
ROI: 125.3% in the period of June 2018 – August 2019



A Signal is a recommendation to sell or buy, and we deliver these signals as trades created by a team of professional traders with more than a century of experience amongst each other. Signals are posted daily and in every timezone, on the more prominent and the less noticeable Crypto Coins.
We understand our clients, and you want to use a service like ours so you can limit your efforts while still making money. On the other hand, we also have customers who are dedicated to changing their lives for the better; they don’t want to rely on a service like ours forever. For these customers, we have Crypto Trading Education, multiple video courses dedicated to creating profitable traders in both the Crypto as the Traditional markets.
Excellent question! Of course, we do – all the options and additions added in our subscriptions are fully automatable. We understand that our clients value their free time or are still at a point of full-time employment. Hence, we deliver a full A-Z dashboard, including all the tools a passive trader could ever wish for.
As a real company, we’re able to accept almost any payment option. Crypto payments, PayPal, Credit Card, invoices – that’s just some of the possibilities. If your preferred payment method is not listed, you can always contact us to find a solution that fits both parties.
4C-Trading is a company filled with professionals within investing and trading. We eventually moved to Crypto, some of us later than others, as early adopters. Some team members have purchased BTC as early as 2012. We’re here to help you make money in the fast-paced and challenging market that Crypto has become.
By now we’re covered on many places on the internet. However, to answer that question correctly: some client reviews are found on TrustPilot, this page, and our testimonials chat. Professionally created reports are to be found at Coingape, SmartOptions, DashTrading, and many, many more!
Yes, we’re a real company with a physical office, unlike the majority of our competitors. We are also under official legislation in terms of providing you with investment advice. More information is to be found here:
In multiple ways, we can help you to become an investor who buys the good projects as early as possible, and we can also help you by posting all our trades with included tools to follow them automatically and quickly. Aside from that: all our packages include sophisticated and modern tools to make your life as a trader as easy as possible. Last but not least: we will help you with active and dynamically updated educational material. We love to refer to ourselves as dream architects. You have a dream, and we help to build it.
Of course! Our education will give you a flying start in terms of your understanding of CryptoCurrencies in its current (and future) form. Aside from that: once you join us, we will set up an initial call with you, and you will get access to our 24/7 help desk. Then you’re more than set on your Crypto Journey with 4C!
Yes, we do! We can offer or cater to almost any wish. If you have an inquiry, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can create something that fits both parties.



Want to be part of the 4C adventure?


Legal Disclaimer

The above references are just an opinion meant for information purposes only. They are not intended to be an investment advice.
Please seek a duly licensed professional for the investment advice. 4C-trading won’t be liable for any losses you may incur following our opinion.

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