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4C Trading's SWITCH

4C Trading Customers

As 4C Trading change its activity, we want to ensure that you continue to receive the best trading experience possible. That's why we're transferring the value of your remaining subscriptions to UpBots and SuperBots!

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A Complete View of Your Portfolios: Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and exchanges. UpBots offers a comprehensive view of both centralized and decentralized portfolios, all in one place.


Automated Trading for DeFi: Say hello to hassle-free trading with SuperBots. With secure and audited vaults, you can sit back and let the bots do the work for you.

Fair Payment System

With both UpBots and SuperBots, you only pay when you're in profit. Say goodbye to upfront fees and hello to transparent, fair payment systems.

Accessible Anywhere

With mobile applications available for both UpBots and SuperBots, you can easily manage your positions, bots, and portfolios from anywhere.

Maximum Security

Your cryptos are always safe with UpBots and SuperBots. With blockchain and cloud technology, and third-party audits, you can trust that your assets are secure.