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Past Performance of our SMART BOTS

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Disclaimer: Past performance does not indicate future results. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy, or product will be profitable, equal any corresponding indicated historical performance level(s), or be suitable for your portfolio. 4C-Tradings and our all our services are not, do not offer, and shall not be construed as investment or financial products. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. All results are calculated based on the ideal outcome and do not include slippage, exchange or system downtimes.

Why choose the 4C-Trading SMART Bots?

Money never sleeps, neither do our bots

“Time is money” is what our bots live by. They trade round the clock to help you stay on top of the game!

Make calculated decisions

Are you struggling to make a profit in crypto trading? The 4C SMART Bots are designed to make calculated decisions based on split-second mathematical precision to grow your portfolio stably over time.

Proven track record

Can you make money from crypto trading using the 4C SMART Bots? Check out our performance chart above for the answer

No experience needed

No matter if you’re a crypto trading beginner or expert, SMART Bots will put you on the fast track to success regardless of your experience.

How do the 4C trading SMART Bots work?

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“We from SmartOptions have been following 4C’s channels since their beginning and we greatly favor their professionalism, technology, and extremely fast reliable support. There are many crypto trading services that have gotten positive reviews, but none can offer what 4C-Trading offers in terms of their overall package.”

SmartOptions, September 2020


Great 90 / 100


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New SMART Bots Strategies

The SMART Bots default strategy is set to Conservative. Do you wish to trade more? Activate the Aggressive Strategy right on your dashboard.

The 4C Dashboard

New features and tools have been added!

The 4C Investor Club

Trade more (starting from USD50,000) without fixed subscription fees.

SMART YFI Bot for the 4C Investor Club

Besides SMART BTC, ETH and LINK bots, the members of 4C Investor Club get to access the latest bot addition – SMART YFI.

Launch of 4C Learning

The Pro Crypto Trading Bootcamp you wouldn’t wanna miss!

Execute your SMART Bots’ trade using USDC

You get to choose if you want the SMART bots to trade using USDT or USDC, and set it up accordingly right on your dashboard.

Manual Trading come back to 4C

We come back to the good old time of Manual Trade sent directly via the bot for you! It’s 2020 summer all over again.

24/7 Support Helpdesk

Need help to find out more about the SMART Bots and Margin bots or perhaps you have some set-up questions? Have all your questions about 4C products and services answered via our round-the-clock helpdesk. Accessible through chat bot.

Follow our traders recommandation automatically

Automatically follow the trades of our team of professional traders.

China Partnership

4C-Trading has established a new partnership in China. Watch this space for the launch.

AMA sessions with Traders

Ask all your questions to our team of professional traders.

The 4C Dashboard

New UX/UI to be added for the dashboard.

Mobile application

Follow your positions in real time on our mobile application.


The Smart Bots are fully automated bots that protect and grow your capital safely and progressively. The objective is to secure profits to have a stable monthly increase in your portfolio in USDT.
The set-up is straightforward as you only need an account on Binance and connect to the Bot via API. It is a one-time set-up, and we will guide you if you have any trouble setting it up.
The difference is like those assets they are quoted to. Trading on BTC is different than trading on ETH or LINK. It all comes down to liquidity, volume, other participants of the market (also other bots and algorithms), order books, etc. Usually, Smart ETH and LINK are more profitable than Smart BTC, though.
The money in the Smart Bots is as safe as your Binance account. If you do not secure your Binance account with the utmost diligence, your funds may be in jeopardy. However, the Smart Bots are unable to withdraw your money via API from your Binance account. The Smart Bots are just a software solution that allows executing your Binance account; it doesn’t hold your funds, nor can it withdraw it.
No. You need to open a new Binance account for each of the Smart Bots.
Depending on your capital, you can get access to Smart Bots trading on BTC, ETH, or LINK.
You can check them in your Dashboard:
In investing, there is always a risk as past performance is not indicative of future results. However, as the Smart Bots use a risk-protected system, and your position will not be liquidated, your significant risk is mainly a big crypto market crash that is always possible, yet very improbable. You will not be exposed to market manipulation (the Smart Bots will usually follow the trend taking advantage of the situation), nor slippage and/or overload of the book orders.
The primary objective of this fully automated algorithmic-backed Smart Bots is to secure profits to have stable monthly growth in your portfolio in USD. The bot is created to work on your Binance account automatically to save you worries about market trends. The Bots act according to the market fluctuations – it buys when there is a real surge in price and sells when there is a confirmed slump, securing profits.

The Smart Bots have a proven record of over 30 months of running with remarkable returns. All trading history is available in the 4C Dashboard to see and updated automatically. Many communities and monetary fund managers widely acclaim the Bots as their tool to grow their portfolios.


However, the investor must understand that the Bot acts upon a confirmed shift of trend; hence it will open and close its trades a bit later than the initial surge or slump. That is perfectly normal, and it is written in the algorithm of the Bots. Their formula and algorithms are potent over the long term, which has been proven over the months.

That is the purpose of the Smart Bots – to enable consistent and steady income even for those with trading expertise close to none and those whose wallets are not the thickest. In short: yes, it is very suitable for newbies!
You should sell BTC into the USDT position or wait for another signal from the BOT.
We are not allowed to reveal the BOT’s specification due to a confidentiality clause, but rest assured that those are well tested and continuously updated to reflect the market situation.
We may, as long as there is enough liquidity in the market for those assets.
Technically no. The Smart Bots also grow your crypto stack, but at a slower rate because their primary purpose is to increase your USDT portfolio.
We are not financial advisors. We don’t manage any funds or provide financial advice. We are a legal entity with a license to rent trading algorithms. You can meet us in our offices in Belgium, Brussels.