Trade to Share 10,000 USDT with 4C-Trading and OKEX!

Dear 4C community,

You might have heard it already, 4C-trading and OKEX jointly hold a contest with up to 10,000 USDT as a reward. We invite you to be part of our team!

Here are some terms and conditions you want to get familiarized with:

Promotion Period: 2 weeks
Participating Eligibility: All the participants must register and trade on OKEx from an exclusive referral link.
Promotion 1: Top 20 Traders Share 8,000 USDT
  • Valid participants from 50 to 100, 2500 USDT prize pool unlocked
  • Valid participants from 101 to 150, 5000 USDT prize pool unlocked
  • Valid participants from 151 to 200, 8000 USDT prize pool unlocked

To support you, we will give one month’s access to our Trade Room + Signals for free where you can find live trading signals as well as a vivid community of traders helping each other to win the competition.

OKEX has called out very lucrative prizes for the winning trading team:

  • 1st to 5th rank: Equal Share 50% prize pool by PnL
  • 6th to 10th rank: Equal Share 30% prize pool by PnL
  • 11th to 20th rank: Equal Share 20% prize pool by PnL

But wait… there is more! Receive 20 USDT for participation!

Ranked 21- 120 participants who deposit more than 100USDT and trade more than 10,000USDT could get 20 USDT.


  1. Register and trade on OKEX from this link
  2. Participants need to pass KYC1& deposit≥100USDT& trading≥10000USDT to be eligible
  3. Any deceitful behaviors will be rejected
  4. OKEX will give out the reward within 7 working days after the campaign

🎁 Additionally, 4C will reward you with 1-month FREE access to our Trade Room + Signals where you will get live trading signals for the best results of your trading!

1-month FREE access to our 4C Trade Room + Signals!

We invite everyone inside and outside of our trading community to take part in the tournament and join our team. Current members are guided into the tournament in our VIP channels. Those members that are not part of our community yet will be granted one-month free access to our Trade Room + Signals and can, therefore, take part in the competition alongside us.

The benefit of the one-month free membership is not only the full access to all material within the Trade Room + Signals but also access to live trading signals from our traders which you can follow or use as guidance to win the OKEX Trading Competition and the huge prizes coming with it!

This is how you can join

To access these 2 freebies and join the competition, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Join competition with this referral link
  2. Send a screenshot to @Julien_4c on Telegram that you joined.
  3. Julien will instruct you on how to access the Trade Room and Signals.
  4. Contact @Julien_4C on Telegram if you have any questions.

Sign up for the competition with us

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